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Legacy to cloud migration

Start fixing your legacy issues by migrating applications to the cloud, which will enable microservices implementation and adopting a new technology stack.

Application re-engineering

With application modernization services rebuild your outdated software preserving scope and restructure to gain high availability for your system.

Code refactoring

Optimize the existing code of your legacy applications without changing external functionality to reduce technical debt, improve performance and scalability.


Apply a more advanced approach to system modernization by rearchitecting software. Rewrite code and utilize the enhanced capabilities of a new tech stack.

In-place upgrades

With in-place upgrades update legacy software to more current versions. Solve compatibility and system fragility issues and avoid risking security holes.

Legacy software maintenance

When there is a risk involved to interfere with the source code, software maintenance and ongoing support might be the most viable option.

Adapt, innovate, and deliver value faster by modernizing your legacy applications.

Case studies

Legacy application modernization for Airline company

Euristiq provided Europe’s largest airline with a team of engineers who performed complex legacy modernization of company’s website which included migration to AWS, improving the performance and interoperability and adding services for buying tickets, booking accommodation, and renting cars.


Re-engineered airline’s legacy website has 3x improved performance and additional custom apps.

Digital transformation and cloud migration for Fintech

Our engineers developed a back-end of an automated document generation solution for the The client’s internal system thus introducing cloud acceleration and digital transformation to the enterprise. The system collects data from different sources and generates differently structured letters automatically.


Digital transformation for a large investment company’s internal system that automatically generates documents and saves £400k per year.

IoT system modernization and maintenance

The client required modernization and support of an existing IoT smart city lighting solution for 2M lamp control units which are installed in several cities. It was a high concurrent, heavily loaded network, several parts of which have already been working for years and were sensitive to changes in the firmware.


Improving of an existing IoT lighting system allowed reducing of maintenance costs by up to 75%.

Technology benefits of application
modernization with Euristiq

High-performance solutions

We help companies to migrate to cloud with speed and scale, and to keep their applications evergreen, upgrading platform infrastructure and features. Engage an experienced technological partner to modernize your legacy apps and make them high-performing and scalable.

High-load systems

Our teams possess broad technological expertise to build high-load systems that support huge volumes of server requests, are fault tolerant, reliable and responsive. We are transforming legacy applications to ensure scalability, high-availability and zero downtime.

Multi-cloud expertise

Cloud migration might be the first but one of the most important steps in your legacy application modernization journey. Our cloud experts are well versed in choosing and tailoring the best cloud platform to the unique needs of our clients – AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud.

Security and data storage

Legacy applications with no longer supported software are less resistant to cyberattacks and malware. We protect enterprises from a negative impact of software security holes, building the cyber resilience they need to keep the system and its data protected from breaches.

UX/UI expertise

Validate your ideas at the early stages of the legacy transformation project to avoid ending up with an inefficient design that drives customers away. Our experts create the UI/UX design that helps cut delivery times, is adaptive, responsive and helps your business grow.

Center of tech excellence

Our experts use advanced technologies and the best practices to make legacy software more agile and efficient. We can assess your application and suggest the most fitting approach that will yield sustainable results – re-platforming, rearchitecting, or code refactoring.

Reasons to choose Euristiq for
legacy system modernization

Digital transformation

We help our clients implement digital transformation, migrating to cloud, breaking down monolithic applications, and introducing microservices and multi-cloud containers. We reinvent their legacy applications fixing usability and user experience, which allows them to respond to customer demands and decrease time to market.

Performance boost for high-load systems

We possess extensive experience in re-engineering legacy core applications improving their interoperability and adding new features. Handling complex legacy application modernization, we focus on boosting performance to make it a few times faster which helps our clients beat the competition.

Costs reduction

We have a proven track record of delivering value to enterprises with our legacy application modernization services. Our domain knowledge and custom project approach allows us to bring high-performance, scalability, security and digital transformation into outdated software thus helping clients save 75% on maintenance costs.
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