Tailored solutions

Business intelligence and efficiency

Collect, systematize, and analyze every transaction and operation conducted across all divisions, hence enabling you to make data-driven business decisions.

Transportation scheduling and planning

Use analytics for intelligent transportation forecasting. Study the demand to mitigate the risk of volume spikes. Assess capacity to avoid overwhelming shipment.

Financial and operational planning

Synchronize the data across departments to align the planning of financial and operational strategy. Use technology to achieve operational efficiency.

Integrated procurement management

Get real-time analysis of product operations in every division, inventory needs, and simplify warehouse management with operational analytics.

Integrated energy management

Connect and integrate all your assets into one control panel to enable remote monitoring and on-time maintenance for efficient energy management.

Customer relationship management

Channel your operational analytics in the right direction. Get the full picture of the customer journey and direct marketing and sales actions correspondingly.

Integrated workforce performance planning

Simplify workforce planning. Ensure that the payroll, schedules, and employee churn rate is monitored and corresponds to the business forecasts.

Intelligent asset management

Connect all your assets to a unified system. Establish a constant data flow with custom dashboards and alerts. Get a digital twin to enable real-time system management.

Make data-driven business decisions with operational analytics solutions.

Technology ecosystem

Data hubs and custom dashboards

Implement data visualization tools to get information across to all departments. Customize dashboards and create data hubs to streamline operational data flow.

Applications and integrations

Use API to extend the existing applications and their features by encapsulating and making them available as a service.

Cloud and infrastructure

Deploy cloud-based services and robotic process automation to relieve employees from mundane tasks and increase their efficiency.

Connectivity and IoT

Equip hardware with smart sensors and IoT software to receive predictive, and prescriptive operational analytics and achieve efficiency.

Leverage operational analytics to

Enable holistic and real-time access to information with tailored operational analytics solutions focused on your specific business needs.

Become analytics-driven

Act on analytics, not just data. Historical data can justify the decisions made, but its analysis provides actionable insights and gives directions for improvements.

Increase productivity

Leverage operational analytics solutions to increase productivity. Get real-time insights on how your strategy works to select the right tool and set the right goals.

Boost customer satisfaction

Work on optimization of your business, increase operational efficiency to not just meet customer expectations but go above and beyond.

Scale, predict and optimize

Analytics-driven decisions lead to the visibility of all key elements of the business. With the insights, it is possible to scale where needed and optimize where possible.

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