Software Platform

Custom platform development

Our experts provide tailored platform development services focused on high availability and scalability to help you get a customized solution faster and without breaking the bank. We will consider your specific business requirements, develop an entire ecosystem starting with an open architecture to let you run your applications smoothly, and reap the instant benefits the digital platform services have to offer.

SaaS platform development

With software as a service application development, we cover all the components of an optimal solution starting with data storage and cloud selection to app development. Our SaaS platform solutions include easy to deploy integration with on-premises back-end systems and databases and we will also take care of the performance issues, providing high availability and consistent service of your system.

Cloud-native platform development

Protect your mission-critical applications with the reliability of cloud-native platforms. We can help you leverage containerized software for faster application delivery and take advantage of such techniques as PaaS, microservices, CI/CD, taking into account the individual needs of your business. Iterate and integrate more rapidly utilizing agile and scalable containers that cloud-native services offer.

Platform re-engineering

Maximize the value of your legacy systems and achieve higher performance of your systems with platform re-engineering. Update and migrate your software to a more up-to-date and innovative tech platform, reduce risks, add new features and functions to stay ahead of your competitors. Leverage our legacy modernization expertise to boost your technical capabilities.

API and integration

Achieve seamless communication with your digital platform services using API integration. Our team can help you build an API integration platform to connect your organization’s applications in the cloud, choosing the most suitable type of API integration for your business – open, third-party, or custom. Ensure faster data processing and connectivity between your devices and programs.

24/7 platform maintenance & support

We provide advanced 24/7 platform support, covering maintenance issues to ensure your systems are up and running. We are ready to assist you with any additional guidance on how to operate your infrastructure in the cloud. We know how to keep your platforms highly available, reliable, and relevant to the current business needs. Protect your platforms from degradation and downtime without breaking your budget.

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Software Platform Development
Case Studies

Self-service advertising platform development

The client wanted to introduce a new advertising technology: the ability to print ads on boarding passes with real-time bidding and ad ranking algorithms. The project’s challenges included performance and high availability, integration into the existing AWS infrastructure. Also previously, the project was developed by an external vendor.


Custom ad platform, integrated into the existing AWS infrastructure, that takes minutes to set up.

IoT cloud platform for the hardware manufacturer

The client produces hardware and needed a software platform that is an intermediate layer between the devices and their customers. The platform enables customers to manage their devices remotely, register, communicate with them, and build their own applications on top of the IoT Cloud platform.


Custom IoT platform that accompanies devices manufactured by the client, ready for further use.

Software platform for automated document generation & storage

The client, a large investment company based in London, approached Euristiq to develop an automated document generation platform for their internal use. A cloud platform collects data, processes it, forms documents, eliminating costly and time-consuming manual work.


A platform for an automated document generation and cloud storage saves an enterprise £400k per year.

Real-time document verification service

We helped the client to build a secure document verification platform that processes and verifies personal data in real-time. The solution simplifies consumer access to online services and applications, extracting personal information from a document scan, and validating it in the process.


Document verification platform built in 7 months with a desktop app, a database containing terms and conditions, and a cache.

Software platform for smart city lighting

A scalable high-performance IoT platform that controls 2M street lamps all over the world, collects and stores vast amounts of metric data. The requirements included high-performance, usability, reliability, security, and backward compatibility.


Smart city lighting platform has 30K+ connected devices on the city scale, reduces maintenance costs and CO2 emissions by up to 75%.

Pre-construction budget management application

The client had a concept of a pre-construction budget estimation tool that will mitigate risks with budget planning. An end-to-end platform we developed combines all necessary features in one solution, allows access to all user’s projects under one login, and has an integrated payment system.


A pre-construction value planning platform with a dynamic dashboard, all available on a subscription, delivered in 4 months.

Technology Benefits of Platform
Development with Euristiq

High-performance solutions

Modern solutions that yield results should not only help you monitor, manage and connect, they also need to be cost-efficient and high-performance to beat the market competition. Drive the maximum value for your business with high-performance solutions.

Multi-cloud expertise

Our cloud adoption experts have hands-on experience in building secure and highly available solutions on AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud platforms. Choose, build, or migrate to the best cloud platform according to your project requirements.

Center of technology excellence

We have a technology center for research and implementation of emerging technologies and strategies that help our clients get a competitive advantage. Tap into our technical expertise to gain benefits for your specific business needs.

UX/UI expertise

Engaging professional UX/UI experts at the early stages of digital platform development is crucial to mitigate risks and validate your ideas. We will make sure your UX is efficient, customer-centric, delivers desired outcomes, and helps your platform grow.

Cross-industry domain knowledge

Leverage our deep technical knowledge combined with our software development expertise to gain insights into your product at every stage of your development process. Unlock the hidden potential for your digital platform to create a cross-industry innovation.

Flexible collaboration models

Choosing the most convenient collaboration model with your technological partner is a crucial step to a successful product. Understanding this, we offer three flexible cooperation approaches depending on your preferred level of involvement.

Industries We Work With

Looking for the
right solution?

We cover digital platform development services for companies from a wide range of industries, at different stages of their digital journeys. We are well-versed in creating custom solutions for our clients that correspond to their business goals. Add an industry-specific focus to your platform development process.

Business Cases We Solve with Our
Platform Engineering Services

Bring your idea to implementation

Businesses lacking the in-house technical expertise to bring their ideas to life can reduce their chances at digital transformation. Tap into our expertise to unlock the necessary skills in developing solutions from scratch. We have excelled at building platforms with no analogs on the market under tight deadlines. Receive a customized platform tailored to your business needs starting with the Discovery phase, moving to MVP or PoC developed in a matter of weeks, and finishing with a ready-to-use platform.

Efficient digital transformation

We know exactly what you are expecting from a digital transformation and process automation for your business – an effective cost-efficient platform with data analytics, highly available and secure, ready to integrate with other solutions or platforms. And we are willing to provide just that – and even more. One of our clients saves £400k a year by switching to a cloud platform for automated document generation. Get ready to follow suit: streamline your processes and innovate faster developing a digital platform with a trusted technology partner.

Platform performance boost

Upgrade your existing platforms due to the new customer demands: migrate to the cloud, integrate with other solutions, modernize functionalities or improve performance and availability. We have performed all this for a variety of cases for our clients. Our teams have increased the performance and security of the IoT city lighting platform with 30K+ connected devices for one client and boosted the platform performance threefold for another. Leverage our extensive experience to achieve more with your product.
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