WMS Software

Custom WMS development

Build custom cloud-based warehouse management systems to automate operations, receive more visibility into processes and streamline supply chain management. Our team can help your company create and implement solutions that will optimize and support your warehouse operations and also make them tailored to the specific needs of your business.

Warehouse software implementation

Take the strain off your warehouse operations by implementing cross-platform WMS solutions with a rich set of integrated apps for inventory management, order fulfillment, and logistics. We will help you implement your cloud-based WMS with supply chain modules and integrated ERP systems on desktop, laptop, mobile and wearable devices.

WMS mobile app development

Our developers build mobile apps for different operating systems that streamline inventory management and help warehouse workers with order processing. Your warehouse management app can have features that correspond to your needs, a fast-paced scanning of multiple warehouse locations, for instance, or keeping track of your inventory in real-time.

Warehouse control system development

The warehouse control system can be integrated with your WMS solution to help you improve your warehouse workflow. Get full visibility and control of all your warehouse automated technology or equipment such as conveyors, sorters, AS/RS, G2P, etc. WCS functionality can simplify communications and automate your supply chain process.

Warehouse software customization

Get customized software for warehouse management to optimize your warehouse operations across multiple locations, enable electronic data interchange (EDI), and improve supply chain execution. Handle the whole process of inventory management, order fulfillment, shipping, and logistics via a user-friendly dashboard with ease.

WMS integration

We will set up all necessary integrations of your custom WMS with other systems used by your company to help you speed up order management and improve supply chain processes. This includes integration with ERP systems, barcodes and QR code scanners, RFID trackers that enable managers to receive real-time stock information.

Need help in building WMS of any scale and complexity?

WMS Case Studies

Smart warehouse monitoring system

We created a cloud-based warehouse management system that helps enterprise customers maintain proper warehouse conditions and prevent malfunctions. The app allows its users to have full warehouse utility visibility, detect faults and receive alerts if something happens.


A scalable smart warehouse monitoring solution, an app with a simple intuitive interface, that saves time and costs.

IoT-powered smart building management solution

Complex office facility management system with IoT dashboards that we developed for a Canadian provider of IoT gateway sensors. The application tracks the occupancy of meeting rooms, provides room analytics, and displays real-time occupancy status.


Smart building facility solution that synchronizes with Google and Outlook calendars and solves the problem of meeting room underutilization.

In-store IoT tracking system

IoT solution that allows tracking store visitors via WiFi/Bluetooth devices to optimize workforce and improve customer satisfaction. We developed an intelligent system that automatically collects, stores, processes data, and displays it in reports.


Scalable low-cost in-store tracking system for 15K stores.

Technology Benefits of WMS Software Solutions with Euristiq

Cloud-based WMS 

Cloud-based WMS solutions offer higher scalability, security, faster processing power and can be integrated with SaaS payment models. Develop a cloud warehouse management system that can help you manage inventory, automate order processing and deliver bigger visibility to your customers.

IoT-based WMS

Integrate IoT software development solutions for your warehouse management. Automatically collect inventory data, get instant identification of products and packages, and maintain better control of goods with sensors, RFID tags, wearables, machine learning, and predictive analytics.

Blockchain-based WMS

Custom blockchain-based software solutions for warehouse management and maintenance can help improve accuracy in the supply chain. Blockchain allows creating permanent records of every transaction which eliminates the need for paperwork and provides a higher level of security with data encryption.

End-to-end visibility

Track products and assets in real-time with optimal transparency, identifying fraud or damages, and get instant updates on location, conditions, and routing. WMS solutions can provide you with end-to-end visibility into the delivery process, simplifying inventory management and data sharing.

Storage condition control

Develop a custom WMS that includes software for cold storage and third-party logistics. Implement a solution specifically designed for temperature-controlled environments with quality assurance and control of perishable goods, adding features that will reduce warehouse operating costs.

Fleet management with end-to-end delivery tracking

Maintain end-to-end visibility of all products passing through your warehouse with IoT technologies and a fleet management system. Streamline warehouse operations, monitor and manage your fleet, and keep track of all delivery activities across the entire supply chain using a single system.

Reasons to Choose Euristiq for
Your Warehouse Management System

IoT technology center of excellence

Our experience in delivering custom IoT software solutions and unique approach to the software development process, help our clients achieve greater results faster. Our professionals will get to the core of your needs and help your business streamline operations, achieve connectivity of your devices and integrate IoT apps, mobile devices, and assets into one system.

Multi-cloud & IoT platform expertise

Give your warehouse management system availability, agility and security with the highest performing cloud provider – AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud. Leverage our expertise in cloud computing and developing IoT platforms to gain supply chain visibility, optimize inventory, improve the delivery process and make your warehouse smart.

Our development approach

We apply our unique software development process to help our clients get the product to market faster and with minimized risks. The ultimate benefit of our approach is to ensure predictable deliverables, give enough flexibility to our clients to inflict changes during the development process, and kick-start the project within a short timeframe.

Domain knowledge

Our experts with a background in different domains and deep knowledge of industry trends will consult you on the earliest stages of the project to help you get solutions that best correspond to your needs. Develop custom warehouse management system software that will drive your business forward and put your competition behind.
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