This year is going to be hard on all Ukrainians. Someone will lose their relatives, someone their health, someone their possessions, someone their life. The pandemic has taken its toll on everyone, but this war is far more horrible and painful.

We are living through deep emotional distress, figuring out what to do next. Someone wants to flee, someone wants to stay and fight, someone donates everything to help those in need. And someone is numb and unable to do anything. All of these reactions are normal. One shouldn’t judge any of it. Everyone comes from a different background, can tolerate different amounts of stress, has different physical and emotional endurance.

We should support each other and everyone affected.

Euristiq Mission 2022

As IT specialists we are among the few industries that are able to continue working to support Ukraine’s economy, and we need to do that. We need to provide strong support for our families, relatives and offer our help to those who have lost everything and those who are fighting. This is our responsibility.

Euristiq mission 2022

Our plan for this year transforms into Euristiq 2022 Mission that is aligned with wishes and possibilities of our employees – to function for our safety and economic development of Ukraine. This includes:

  • Safety of our employees
  • Business development as an important element of country’s economy
  • Financial support of Ukraine’s fight for independence

We know that many of our employees donate their costs to different initiatives and they will continue doing so. Euristiq upper management has arrived at a decision to donate all Euristiq 2022 profit to the fight and reconstruction of Ukraine.

This year our productivity, professionalism, new projects, and satisfied clients will transform not only in competitive salaries and bonuses but also will have a direct impact on our mutual fight. It is a reason good enough to be proud and to continue doing our jobs the best way we can.

Stand with Ukraine

Support Ukrainian Army

Our Armed Forces of Ukraine need help fighting the Russian invaders. They need equipment, armored vehicles, fuel, and ammunition. We at Euristiq are donating, volunteering and doing everything we can, and we call on our friends to follow suit. You can help the Ukrainian army by donating to a bank account set up by the National Bank of Ukraine or an NGO that supports the military and territorial defense forces.

Donate to humanitarian initiatives

More than 3 million people were forced to flee their homes for safety from the Russian occupants. They are in a dire need of medicine, blankets, food, and other necessities. You can donate to the following funds:

Glory to Ukraine 🇺🇦

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