The year 2022 became one of the hardest for us, Ukrainians. But despite all hardships, we have proved to be resilient, hardworking, and fearless in the face of adversity. We have been living through turbulent times, and it warms our hearts to know that the world supports us. Wrapping up 2022, we donated all our profits to support the economy, fight the russian invasion and rebuild Ukraine.

As to our company, we grew in more ways than one. We have grown as a business by 60% instead of the planned 50%, we have opened a delivery office in Poland, and our team is bigger than ever. None of our clients have stopped cooperation with us because of the war and we haven’t delayed a single release. Moreover, we have signed new contracts and have started new software development projects. We can confidently say that we mastered crisis management, and are prepared for 2023.

Euristiq mission 2023

Moving towards a peaceful and prosperous future, as a business, we set goals to develop and evolve. Delivering top-notch custom software solutions covering the full development process from project discovery to release, maintenance and support remains our main focus. We are excited to extend our portfolio in 2023 with new successful partnership cases while staying a trusted technical partner for our existing clients. We set an aim to spread our presence to North America in 2023 while remaining a Ukrainian company, operating from Lviv.

We are committed to providing the resources necessary to aid in the defense of Ukraine and the protection of its people. Hence, the company’s upper management has pledged to donate all Euristiq profits for 2023 to help Ukraine.

Keep supporting Ukraine

The unprovoked aggression against Ukraine leads to genocide and ecocide. As a result of this war, the country needs defense and demining, medical aid, and restoration. You can support us by donating to the initiatives of the President, the National Bank of Ukraine, and the organizations that take care of the internally displaced people, children, and all those who suffered horrible losses from war.

Support Ukrainian Defenders on the frontlines

Donate to humanitarian initiatives

Glory to Ukraine 🇺🇦

  • Author Ivan Muts
  • Published January 18, 2023
  • Category News
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