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IoT smart city lighting system with 30K devices in use

Top IoT App Development Companies

Connected devices play a huge role in changing the world into a more technology-centered one. Internet of Things transforms organizations into digital businesses and brings efficiency into households. At Euristiq, we always have a futuristic approach towards building solutions and realize the potential stored in the IoT technology. Our experience and expertise in IoT app development have given our clients a definite edge over their competitors and help them be leaders in their niche. We are pleased that our efforts got recognition from and we are included in their list of top IoT App Developers.

Our team of experts holds a strong fort in enterprise-scale IoT development solutions. We understand the requirements of our clients and are focused on delivering end-to-end IoT development solutions, high-performance IoT apps that meet these requirements.

Our result-delivering ability makes us one of the most sought-after IoT app development service providers in the industry and that our name always reserves a place in the list of leading IoT app developers worldwide.

For the last four years, Euristiq has provided its services in cloud computing, web, and software development as well as building best-in-class mobile app development services.

With the smart IoT solutions provided by Euristiq, our clients can embrace the industrial revolution by incorporating smart connectivity. From IoT consulting to IoT app management to full-cycle development of the mobile app, our focus remains to deliver a ‘bit extra’ to our clients that will give them an advantage in today’s cut-throat competitive market.

Our clientele consists of market-leading companies such as Philips, Octopus, A.S. Watson, and many more. Collaboration with these companies gives a clear indication of our work ethics and technical expertise. If you would like to find out more about our work, visit our case studies.

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  • Published December 29, 2020
  • Category News
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IoT smart city lighting system with 30K devices in use
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