Tailored solutions

Shipping logistics software

Enhance your supply chain visibility, and make order processing and inventory management more efficient with shipping logistics software

Routing and mapping

Route planning software for fleet managers and logistics companies that uses real-time and historical data to optimize routes and create more efficient deliveries.

Dispatch and scheduling

Analyze real-time location data, live traffic and leverage GPS tracking to lower fuel costs and improve your delivery services with dispatch route optimization.

Public transportation

Get public transportation software solutions with modernized payment and ticketing options, passenger information systems and intelligent transit software.

Car rental management

Effectively manage car rental operations, monitor driving behavior, speed and fuel levels, and implement easy booking with car tracking software solutions.

Let's build custom TMS for your specific business needs

Our TMS services

TMS consulting

Leverage our TMS consulting services to apply modern technologies that optimize business operations, implement intelligent process automation, and save on maintenance costs. Start accomplishing more in less time with custom transportation management software designed to meet your specific business needs.

TMS development

Build custom TMS software that improves fleet performance, manages vehicles in real-time, optimizes workflows, and automates processes, reducing expenses. Channeling cloud and 5G capabilities, data analytics, IoT and digital twins technologies, our expertise will help you bring your transportation and logistics software to the next level.

Project discovery

Before spending a significant amount of budget on a future transportation management system, we suggest starting with project discovery. Get all technical documentation within a month. Discovery service is suitable for all types of businesses, including TMS software for carriers, trucking companies, public transportation, logistics, and small businesses.

Transportation management
application development with Euristiq

Development flexibility

We offer our clients transparency and flexibility in terms of scope during the development process. In case any issues or questions arise, the client can suggest a Change Request where we evaluate the impact of a change on the budget and the timeline and give it to the client for approval before proceeding with it.

Result-oriented approach

We commit to delivering each project within the agreed scope, budget, and timeline. Starting with a risk-free Discovery and detailed feature-based estimation, we give our clients transparency and flexibility during the development process. Receive a custom market-ready solution that meets your business needs.

12 months warranty

We put all our efforts into delivering software projects of the highest quality and guarantee our clients one year of free bug fixing after the project release. Developing a transportation management system with us, you will get technical support and maintenance after your product has been delivered and launched.

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