War Updates: End of 2022

Dear friends,

The news is flooded with reports that Ukraine faces one of the hardest winters to date as russia continues its cruel and unjustified war. After a few massive missile strikes on our energy system, almost half of Ukraine’s high-voltage network facilities were damaged which left the country with planned and unplanned power outages. And while the power cuts that plunge the country into darkness (and most likely, cold) will happen for a few months until the system can be restored, Ukrainians adapt and continue to live, work and even celebrate significant life events.

It’s been almost 10 months since the full-scale russian invasion started and Ukrainians not only fight bravely but go on living their normal lives. Power outages have given businesses extra challenges but Ukrainians are not the nation that would surrender. Cafes and restaurants, armed with generators, candles, and lights on batteries, continue serving coffee and food without electricity by slightly altering their menus and providing customers with additional ways to pay. IT companies have empowered their offices with Starlinks and generators to give employees unfaltering internet access and places to charge.

(A kiosk in Lviv powered by a generator during a planned power outage
Image by: Marian Mota

Following the initiative from the President of Ukraine, many places in major cities are being transformed into “Points of Invincibility”. They are equipped with generators and have heat, internet, tea/coffee, and first-aid kits. Those are not only cafes but also shops, pharmacies, gas stations, and bank branches that will be open in case of a power outage.

Borrowing this name, Ukrainians are turning their offices, coffee shops, and even their homes into “Points of Invincibility” during blackouts.

Although Lviv, located in the west of the country, is spared from shelling and frequent air raids compared to cities close to the frontlines, is also affected by the damaged energy system. Nevertheless, people in Lviv have adapted and are living as close to normal as possible under the new circumstances. Almost every household has become an expert on USB-charged or battery-powered appliances and many have purchased their own charging stations.

As for Euristiq

As this year draws to a close, I would like to give a short summary of how we have been doing as a company despite all hardships. 

In 2022, we have grown as a business by 60% instead of the planned 50% and none of our clients have stopped cooperation with us because of the war. We haven’t backed down on our promises and haven’t delayed a single release. Moreover, we have formed new partnerships and have started new software development projects.

We have opened a delivery office in Poland and are planning to spread our presence to North America in 2023. Despite that, we remain a Ukrainian company and keep operating from Lviv, mostly.

Apart from delivering code, our days are also filled with volunteering and having fun. As a company, we are donating all 2022 profits to help Ukraine fight and a number of our employees are involved in charity funds that help our Armed Forces. We have been making camouflage nets for the frontline and preparing food packages for our defenders in our office as teambuilding activities – to spend time together doing something worthwhile.

On behalf of Euristiq, I’d like to extend my gratitude to all our clients, who continue doing business with us and supporting Ukraine. It means the world to us.

The Ukrainian IT sector is growing despite war and global recession. It gives millions of Ukrainians financial security—also, taxes and enormous donations to the resistance. As we are looking into the new year, we are full of hope and optimism. Yes, it will be the hardest winter for Ukraine, but it will also be the last winter for russia.

In 2020-2021 we learned how to work from home. In 2022 we learned how to work with a power generator and satellite internet. As for our 2023 wish, we would say this – hire Ukrainian businesses and support Ukraine, a country of Free People 💙💛

May the coming year bring you joy, happiness, and prosperity. Happy holidays from all of us at Euristiq!

  • Author Ivan Muts
  • Published December 14, 2022
  • Category News
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